CBS Kenya MD
As we usher in the 28th year of delivering ICT solutions and services in Kenya and across Africa. CBS was established in 1988 as a local computer hardware and telecommunications company. Since inception, CBS has offered turnkey ICT network infrastructure solutions ranging from equipment supply, installation and testing, commissioning and the the maintenance of complex telecommunication networks. Over the years, we have grown to become part of Kenyas Top 100 companies (2008-2016).

We derive our competitive strength from the caliber of our technical expertise, management and human resource which currently stands at over 156 employees. Sub contractors are however engaged whenever the need arises. Ever since the company’s formation, we have never experienced un-executed project backlog.

We’ve been fortunate enough to expand our presence to reach all corners of Africa thereby allowing us to meet the the continent’s rapid telecommunication growth requirements. The expansion has allowed us the unique opportunity to be well prepared for any challenges with our motto being to meet our clients, key performance indicators (KPIs) and service them to satisfaction. Today, we are recognized as a leader in specialized ICT solutions and services in Kenya and around Africa.

As we look in the New Year (2016), we at CBS shall continue to expand our experience in network integration , converged communication, and customer interactive solutions in helping our customer interactive solution in helping our customers grow their emphasis in building our Enterprise Division and deliver a full life cycle of services. We promise to constantly seek improve to improve and introduce innovations within our clients infrastructures, ensuring our solution are structured to deliver benefits today and into the future.

I would like to assure all our customers, even in the face of challenging times in the global market space and difficult circumstances, we remain totally committed to absolute success and that such success begins and ends with our experience in the ICT sector has been such that “what we learn from one customer may help us to better serve another”. As a company committed to progressive management approaches, we are interested in a broad range of business opportunities and believe there is still a lot of untapped potential in developing ICT infrastructure in East Africa. Without a doubt, am confident that considerable growth will continue in a foreseeable future with regards to the revolution brought about by the much talked about undersea Fiber Optic Cable.

With the arrival of the undersea cable on our shores, Kenya has transformed in the way it interacts and does business with the rest of the world. One needs to read Thomas Friedman’s book,”The World is Flat” to understand just how broadband and other innovations in technology are transforming lives and exterminating poverty in such places as Bangalore, Philippines, India, China, Singapore among others. With Kenya being linked to the information superhighway with connections of mind boggling speeds, there is no reason, or excuse, to remain poor and dark, unless of course its leaders and more importantly, its ordinary citizens decides to “fall off the wagon”, as US President Barrack Obama would put it.

Mr. Godfrey Owino
CEO Circuit Business Systems Group Limited