New Tech-Solution for Universities and Learning Institutions

Not too long ago it was unthinkable to expect computing power away from the desk.

It was unthinkable to have it where you need it most: out in the field and on the Job. As a result, field workers had to make do with pen and that often resulted in errors, delays and an inability to access the forward data when it was needed most. Identification, Verification, data capture and transacting in the mobile environment has now become a reality thanks to CBS. A pillar in the ICT world, CBS has launched the iVC, handheld computer. The iVC, handheld computer is a solution for efficiency and rapid “on-the-spot” processing, data capturing and checking, together with instant connectivity to central database via the integrated GSM GPRS wireless link. The instructor at the university or any other learning institution, will be able to carry the device into the classroom or lecture hall to students Authentication. There is currently no other mobile computer companies offering as much integrated functionality, which makes the iVC the perfect solution for today’s learning.

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